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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Lidl Christmas magic

Never underestimate the value of German confectionery at Christmas time!

Having scored this wonderful gingerbread house for FREE, simply because TSB Bank kindly took me to the Biscuiteers last Monday so I could ice and build my own gingerbread house, I needed to adorn the rest of the 'Christmas Snack Table' with some Christmassy goodies.

Biscuiteers Gingerbread House, iced by me @SimoneySunday
Lidl does a wonderful range of coated nuts, soft gingerbread cookies, chocolates, truffles and mini-stollens. The Ferrero Rocher and Pringles also came from Lidl - so it is not just selling brands you do not know, but brands you do know.

I bought a vast array of such goodies for approximately £10.00 on Saturday - including a whole frozen lobster ready for the Christmas Eve lobster bisque (a tradition in our household).

I cannot express how brilliant Lidl is for Christmas goodies - and they make lovely, cheap stocking fillers, too.

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