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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Coffee walnut cake pops

Everyone has this moment of revelation, this wide-eyed Epiphany, this poignant moment of awareness that fills the visionary with equal measures of delight and wonder.

To wit - one discovers there’s half a tub of Betty Crocker chocolate frosting hidden in the fridge.

I know, I know, I do usually make my own frosting but some days you just need a quick fix, and one day in January I was doing cupcake decorating with my youth group and brought some pots of BC deliciousness in for them to use. I also had taken them home (how noble of me) and stashed them in my fridge.

Hello Betty Crocker. What are you doing in my fridge?
There wasn't enough for a full cake and it was too late on in the evening to make cupcakes just for the sake of it, but it was a joyous conundrum on which to ponder. I know I am not the only one to have seen the hallowed light (from opening the fridge door), and wondered what to do with all this chocolate frosting, for a friend recently posted a picture of her chowing down on the glorious goo.

But when there’s a good amount of leftover cake in the house, the possibilities of what can be achieved with that aforementioned half-pot of loveliness, increase significantly.

Thankfully I did not have to throw it out or sit there in front of Dirty Dancing and eat it with a spoon, which was my first thought. For in the fridge, wrapped in foil, I still had the top of my husband’s coffee walnut birthday cake that I had cut off in order to ice it smoothly (see my previous post on the Gravity Defying Cake).

And, with a little mixing magic, clean hands and no double-dipping, I turned a slice of leftover cake into a bevy of beautiful cake pops.

I simply crumbled the cake into a dish, and folded the frosting into it with a cool spatula, having left it for ½ hour to warm up after being in the fridge so long.

Messily, crumbly, stickily, I rolled about 14 balls of chocolatey walnut cake, and left them in the fridge overnight in my Lakeland cake pop mold to set solid. I stuck plastic lollipop sticks into them (which I had bought from Lakeland a year or so ago), and resisted the temptation to peek.

The next night, I melted some 80 per cent dark chocolate and some milk chocolate that was left over from some Rocky Road tray bakes I had made the previous week, and dipped the cake pops into them until they were covered smoothly. I had to do a lot of twirling over a sheet of grease proof paper to ensure they were coated properly and not dripping everywhere. If you have tips on how to prevent too much drippage, please do let me know, I'd be grateful!

Just before they dried, I coated the top with a few golden stars to add some cake-pop pizzazz and boom! 13 glorious chocolate walnut cake pops. From leftovers to lusciousness in a few easy steps.

Having some clear plastic bags that I use for my small handmade cards, I covered the pops up and tied them shut with a little silver tag. Perfect for taking to the office or storing for a teatime treat!

Chocolate cake pop. Source: Instagram via SimoneySunday

Note: I thought about taking them to share with the office. Honest, I did. But my husband and I ate every single one, and we're not sorry. Just a little ... fatter ...

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