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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas crunch munch burger

We've all had to get through the Christmas Turkey leftover stage and there's only so much turkey stew, turkey sandwiches and turkey ice-cream you can make before you start hating the smell and taste of the meat.

However this year we had a little twist on the turkey sandwich that was utterly delicious and definitely worth a try.

Among the Christmas leftovers we also had some cranberry cheddar and plenty of cranberry sauce with port.

This latter - the cranberry sauce with port - was exceptionally lovely as it had been bought as a gift for ourselves during the sale at Harrods in January 2017 for £1.20 (down from £6) and so was in itself a budget buy. A top-notch budget buy.

But of course any cranberry sauce will do, and if it is homemade - all the better! Nothing can beat home-made!

As I'd spent five days in a row (or so it seemed) peeling seasonal vegetables, the last thing I had the energy to do was make a loaf of bread just to make some sandwiches.

However, we did have four brioche buns from Waitrose which sported that famous yellow 'discount' sticker.

From Waitrose: excellent brioche burger buns

Honestly, if you've never been to Waitrose, definitely check it out after lunchtime - there are always excellent deals and these brioche rolls were less than half price and still within the use-by date.

I sliced some of the turkey breast and, warming it up in some stock so it was moist and full of flavour, set this aside while I put the top halves of each bun into the oven, covered with sliced cranberry cheese until this melted.
"I have to say this was far nicer than any turkey sandwich I'd eaten"
On the bottom of the roll, which I had lightly toasted, I liberally spread the cranberry sauce, laid two stock-soaked turkey slices on each one, put some thinly sliced tomatoes and cucumber and then pressed the hot cheesy top down on each roll.

Four rolls served three people: my husband had two, my friend and I ate one each (because we were pretending to be healthy).

I have to say this was far nicer than any turkey sandwich I'd eaten, not least because the brioche kept its consistency better - too often with flat bread the juices soak into the bread and makes it soggy.

Of course, I've still got 2 jars of stock and 1 box of the bird left to eat... but that's a story for a different time.

To find out how to make the most of the turkey bones to make stock, see my earlier post. Enjoy!

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